World champion in the high jump of 2017 Maria Laecken

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MOSCOW, August 14. /TASS/. Russian athletes earned $245 thousand in prize money at the world Championships in athletics in London. Remuneration for participation in the tournament received more than half of them: of the 19 people who were admitted to start as a neutral athletes, the prize earned ten.

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A decent return to neutral athletes reminded the world about the strength of Russian sport

More all received prize winner of the gold award Maria Laecken victorious in the high jump. Under the provision of the prize, which was a TASS athlete got $60 thousand.

Five Russian athletes who won the world championship, second place received $30 thousand. Silver in London was won by Sergey Shubenkov (running on 110 meters with barriers), Darya Klishina (long jump), Valeriy Pronkin (hammer throw), Sergey Shirobokov (walking 20 km) and Danil Lysenko (jumps).

World champion 2013 in the long jump Aleksandr Menkov, ranked London fourth place, earned $15 thousand, hammer thrower Alexei Sokirskiy for fifth place received $10 thousand, the high jumper Ilya Ivanyuk – $6 thousand for sixth place. Another prize went to Olga Mullin received $4 thousand for eighth in the pole vault.

The highest number of awards at the world Championships he won team USA: 10 gold, 11 silver and 9 bronze medals. The second place team from Kenya (5-2-4), third place was taken by athletes from South Africa (3-1-2).

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