Coach Tatiana Tarasova

© Artyom Korotayev/TASS

MOSCOW, February 5. /TASS./ Russian athletes go to the Olympics in 2018 to the next generation of athletes could perform at the Games under the anthem and the flag of the country. Such opinion to journalists was expressed by the figure skating coach Tatiana Tarasova.

The decision of the Executive Committee of the International Olympic Committee of the Russian athletes at the Games in Pyeongchang will perform under the Olympic flag. In form, in particular, should not be present elements of national symbols. Athletes are allowed to put on the form of the designation of Olympic athlete from Russia. Instead of the Russian anthem in the competition will sound Olympic, the opening ceremony of the flag under which will go the Russian athletes will carry the volunteer .

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“No need to rush things, every day learn news, – said Tarasov. – In sports you always have to overcome – don’t panic, the saying of my Grand father. Go to the following generations could go to the Games and speak with their anthem and flag. To bore it the person we choose”.

“I’m not a fortune teller to make predictions – who is ready, he will set records – continued Tarasova. We are the first and they always have been. If there will be provocations, will respond.”

Earlier it became known that the IOC is not invited skaters Ksenia Stolbova and Ivan Bukin in the Olympic games in South Korea. Stolbov stands in pair skating with Fedor Klimov, the athletes are Olympic Champions of Sochi in the team tournament, silver medalists of the 2014 Games – in the individual. Bukin in a duet with Alexandra Stepanova is a bronze medalist of the European championship – 2018. “I can give my right hand for Ksenia and Vanya who passed the tests without end,” – said Tarasova.

Olympics 2018 will be held in South Korean Pyeongchang from 9 to 25 February.