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YEKATERINBURG, June 22. /TASS/. Ural civil aviation plant (UZGA) will install the Russian on-Board equipment (avionics) for the Czech planes L-410 in 2018, said on Thursday TASS General Director of the plant, which is assembling aircraft, Vadim Badea.

“We do not set a goal of 100% localization of the aircraft. The main and first goal is the legend L-410 best performance and replace the most high-tech components to the domestic. First and foremost this is a avionics – avionics, today, the test ends Russian complex. As of 2018, the L-410 aircraft will be installed by Russian avionics is the big money and high-tech part of the plane,” said Badeh.

Previously, he reported that by 2020 will produce more than 20 aircraft L-410 the national Assembly. Only in 2017 are the order of the State transport leasing company (gtlk) 5 cars .

About the localization of L-410 in Yekaterinburg

L-410 Czech 19-seater aircraft, one of the most common in the world of passenger aircraft for local airlines. Its regular operation started in 1971, the factory Aircraft Industries (Czech Republic, former Let Kunovice) in the Czech town of Kunovice was constructed more than 1,1 thousand of these boards of various modifications, 862 of them were delivered in the USSR. In 2008 Ural mining and metallurgical company (UMMC) became the owner of 100% stake in Aircraft Industries.

At the moment signed framework agreement between UMMC and the DATA on the project of localization of production of L-410 in Yekaterinburg, the volume of investments in the project within two years could exceed 1.2 billion. We are talking about the construction at the Ekaterinburg airport Uktus new buildings and structures for the development of production, reconstruction of existing buildings of the airfield, training of personnel, certification of aircraft L-410 Russian production.

JSC “Ural works of civil aviation” (UWCA) is included into “United engine Corporation” (UEC), is a member of the Association “the Union aviation dvigatelestroenija”. The plant is mostly engaged in repair of power plants for helicopters development of Mil and Kamov.