Photo: Frank Hoermann/SVEN SIMON

In the second round of the Olympic tournament in the mixed category Anastasia Bryzgalova and Alexander krushelnitsky beat Norway. The match ended with the score 4:3.

“The first match was a game of nerves, the second was quieter. It seems that if the score was equal, and the meeting was tense, but we tried to control the ends to the latter to exercise the right to the final shot. We were supposed to keep many stones in the house. The situation with the first end, when the judges are unable to measure the stones that have already happened, but not us. In the first match just didn’t go the game, it happens. Just didn’t feel the ice”, — quotes RT Bryzgalovo.

After two rounds the table leading curlers from Switzerland, who won both matches . Closes the table team Finland, both matches lost. The other Nations — Canada, China, Norway, Russia, Korea and the United States — in the first games suffered one defeat and won one victory.