Photo: Joel Marklund/

Team Russia Curling won in the fourth round of Olympic competition in double-doubles in the extra end, beating the Chinese is 6:5. During the meeting, Anastasia Bryzgalova and Alexander krushelnitsky most of the time conducted in the account (3:0, 5:3), but Rui Wang and Dexin BA was able to catch up with rivals.

“We started well, played stone to stone in the fourth end, the stones stood under not very good for us corners. Good for us, there was a sixth end, and in the eighth (with the score 5:4 in favor of the Russians) we already had the right to be wrong. But we chose the wrong job (after which the score was equalized and the game went into extra-end). And it was necessary to do a staged shot. Apparently, the nerves played a role”, — quotes Bryzgalovo “R-Sport” .

Previously, the Russians lost at the start of the tournament, team USA (3:9), and then the winners of Norway (4:3) and Finland (7:5). After four rounds the Russians, with three wins, tied for first place in the table of group tournament with teams from Canada, Norway and Switzerland. Saturday krushelnitsky, and Bryzgalov will play with teams of South Korea and Canada.