According to the defense Ministry of the Russian Federation, a column of launchers of ballistic missiles “YARS” from the Ivanovo region in Moscow to participate in the parade of Victory on red square. As noted in the defense Ministry, the route is more than 400 kilometers, and on the way a powerful technique to meet 19 60 bridges and complex road sections. About it reports the edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

Before the March in
Teikovo missile compound strategic rocket forces held a farewell ceremony
the main calculations, it was attended by members of military families. Launcher
the installation of Intercontinental ballistic missiles “YARS” on the chassis
MZKT-79221 has wheel formula 16×16, 12 swivel wheels (three pairs in front
and three in the back), a mass of 44 tons and capable of carrying 80-ton
cargo .

characteristics, said vehicle length is approximately 23 meters, and
maximum speed 45 km/h.

Earlier in the Russian MLRS “Smerch” put a unique drones, which will help increase its range.

At the moment
Russian engineers are working on the improvement of the famous system
volley fire to increase range. Increase range
possible due to relieve the body of the projectile, improving its
the aerodynamic properties and the use of new fuels for rockets.