Divers of the Northern fleet of the Russian Federation got from the bottom sunk in 1945 the American tank “Sherman” from 76-mm gun. As you know, this military unit was supplied to the USSR under lend-lease. About it reports the edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

The transport is in the territorial waters of Russia in the 55-meter depth,
enables you to manage search and rescue operations
to carry out descents in the light diving equipment.

Moreover, the divers were lucky enough to raise the American 76.2-mm anti-aircraft
gun M3, 102-mm gun and the engine.

Earlier, the Azerbaijani army destroyed a weapon emplacement of the Armenian armed forces.

In addition, the defense Ministry published the video footage of the moment of drawing impact.

received information that the units of Armenian armed forces in
day struck in various directions of the front, applying
82 – and 120-mm mortars .