Evgeny Medvedev

© Alexander Demyanchuk/TASS

TASS, 7 Oct. Russian figure skater Evgenia Medvedeva won the long program at the Japan Open tournament, which ended in the Japanese Saitama.

She has gained 152,08 points. Second place went to Japanese May Mihara (147,83). Third went to another Russian athlete Alina Sagitova (145,28). Medvedev for the second year in a row occupies the first place in any program for women at the tournament in Saitama.

The Japan Open tournament is held in the format of team competitions, with the participation of three teams (teams in Japan, Europe and North America), which are the only skaters-skaters. The tournament is held in one day, all athletes show only arbitrary programs. The winning team gets $80 thousand in prize money. Teams who took second and third places get $60 and $40 thousand, respectively.

Team Europe provided Medevedeva, Sagitova, Spaniard Javier Fernandez and Israeli Alexei Bychenko . Fernandez won the long program in men typing 189,47 points. Second place went to American Nathan Chen (178,46), the third – Japanese SEMA UNO (175,45), Bychenko was the sixth (128,52). The team tournament was won by team Europe (615,35), Japanese second (614,93), North Americans – and others (572,95).

Medvedev’s two – time world and European champion, the winner of the finals of the Grand Prix series (2015, 2016), silver medalist of the world team Championships in Tokyo in 2017. Russian woman is the world record holder in short and free programs, as well as amount of programs.