Hackers attacked the smartphones war

Hackers figured out by IP address.

Russian hackers tried to hack the smartphones of the military who were on NATO bases in Poland and the Baltic States. This writes The Wall Street Journal.

As the newspaper notes, that were involved it was the Russian hackers, specifies the IP address that tried to hack the smartphone.

It was also found that for attacks used drones equipped with equipment for surveillance. According to experts, this equipment is available only to state agencies.

In addition, at a military base in Poland at seven people, in addition to phones, tried to hack and account in Facebook.

Due to the frequent cases of hacking, the military is obliged to remove the SIM card from the phone and the Internet were allowed to use only secure connections. The use of geolocation is also prohibited.

The publication revealed that the information received from the smartphone war, could be used by criminals to intimidate them . They fear that a hacked smartphone can send a false command in the event of hostilities.

Recall, the Russian hacker Aleksandr Tverdokhlebov was sentenced by a court in the Eastern district of Virginia to 9 years in prison for hacking into half a million computers.