Russia strengthens
its military capabilities — naval, air and land forces in the Crimea, and
also bordering with Poland in Kaliningrad
region. There is a part of the Baltic fleet (in port Baltiysk), which is constantly on the years strengthened.

There are new
missile ships, reinforcing the offensive strength of the fleet. Recently it came also
the creation of independent tank regiment with 63 tanks “T-72B”, which in turn increases the total
the number of tanks in the region to about 100 units, this is referred to in
the material of the journalist Petar Petrovich portal TVPInfo passed Inotv translation.

Was fortified
also 244 Brigade of artillery, which in that year appeared
upgraded self-propelled howitzer 2S19. By the end of 2017 152-I
Guards missile brigade received complexes 9K720 “Iskander-M”, equipped among other things 9M723 ballistic missiles whose range is 500-700 km.
Some of the systems are adapted also to launch missiles 9M729 with a range of more than 2 thousand km, emphasizes
the author.

Last year
was modernized airport Chkalovsk in Kaliningrad. Based there the forces of the 72nd
the air base of naval aviation is composed of squadrons of su-27 fighters and
su-24MR reconnaissance, which replace multi-tasking
the su-30SM.

Most likely, in
soon these forces will be strengthened and rearmed that will answer
the growth of activity of NATO in the region. This is realized since 2004
mission BalticAirPolicing in the framework of the rapid reaction forces NATO
the purpose of which is to protect the airspace of the three Baltic
States: Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, explains the journalist.

have the greatest potential units in California,
testified at least the August military exercises in the Baltic sea “Ocean
shield — 2019”, which was attended by 70 vessels and
about 60 aircraft and helicopters, and 10 thousand soldiers.

In the near future
you can also expect further military strengthening of Kaliningrad
the region and the rest of Russia’s Western military district, to
which this region belongs, said the author.

Last week
the Minister of defence of Russia Sergey Shoigu said that steps will be taken in
the situation in the Western strategic direction to neutralize
threats. Among them, he called the increase in military presence of NATO in Eastern
Europe, a missile defense system in Poland and Romania, as well as deepening military
NATO’s cooperation with Finland and Sweden.

According to
journalist, frequent “provocation of Russia” in the Baltic
the sea lead to more frequent incidents with the planes of NATO. Russian
fighters “constantly violated” the airspace of Latvia, Lithuania
and Estonia as well as Sweden and Norway who complain about Russian provocations
with the participation of submarines. This, in turn, leads to the fact that Sweden and
Norway strengthen its military capabilities. Sweden, which is not a member
NATO, but cooperates closely with it, aware of the “aggressive stance of Moscow”
and considers it a major threat to the security of the country.

the behavior of the Russian forces” in respect of Sweden is only one of the methods
the influence of the Kremlin in its society. Others could be considered
information campaigns of propaganda, cyberattacks, as well as capturing
strategic companies and technologies, lists of the Polish journalist. Understanding
the Russian threat has led to the fact that the authorities in Stockholm decided to increase
the number of armed forces and to take care of their weapons, and more
to actively cooperate with NATO, the United States and neighbouring Norway.

Russian threat
in the Baltic countries and Northern Europe leads to the fact that the arguments
Poland in favor of the need for a tougher response to the steps of the Kremlin find
among their governments ‘ understanding and support. And they are necessary, taking into
attention increasingly lenient attitude to Moscow from Berlin and Paris, writes

Earlier, NATO no
The INF Treaty dared to speak about the missiles that
will get to Russia.

Recall, selling
Turkey s-400, Russia launched the detonator of a bomb
which will blow up NATO.