Sports news: In the U.S. anti-doping Agency (USADA) has questioned the honesty of the series of victories of Russian football.

Players of Russian national team after two wins and an early exit in the playoffs of the world Cup should be checked for doping. This assumption was expressed by the head of the Us anti-doping Agency Travis Tygart, reports Telegraf.

2018 world Cup: standings, schedule and scores of all matches

“We need to actively test the national team of Russia to ensure public confidence in the integrity of the world Cup. Those who show outstanding results, you should test more often”, – said Tygart.

For the 2018 world Cup the Russian team won the opening two matches with a total score 8:1 – defeating the first group of Saudi Arabia (5:0), and then the national team of Egypt (3:1).

Team first of all x the participants of the 2018 world Cup reached the knockout stage of the tournament 1/8 finals .