In Russia claim that responded to the accusations about U.S. interference in the electoral process

The representative of security Council of Russia claims that Moscow promptly and fully responded to requests from the United States.

Deputy Secretary of the Russian security Council Oleg Khramov said in an interview that the Russian side has answered all the questions received from the United States in connection with the accusations against Moscow of meddling in the election of the American President, but also of hacking into the servers of the Democratic party, writes Kommersant.

“Russian relevant departments in a timely manner respond to all incoming from foreign partners requests. So the answer was given immediately, in November (2016 − ed). Requested additional information because the data contained in their first appeal, were blurred and repeated media reports . Our competent authorities, naturally, asked the partners to give a specific IP address, attack signatures and so forth,” − said the Temples.

It is reported that the first request came only a week before the November elections in the United States.

“The second request contained additional information came only at the beginning of this year. He was promptly given a detailed answer,” says Deputy Secretary of the Russian security Council.

Speaking about the content of the Russian answers, he said that the requests “were specific questions that were given satisfactory answers, including the technical plan”.

“As repeatedly emphasized by President Vladimir Putin, Russia does not interfere in the internal Affairs of other States, including, of course, and their electoral processes. There are examples of interference by certain countries in our internal Affairs, but that is another question,” − said the Temples.

Recall, January 6, U.S. intelligence issued a report in which he accused Russia of involvement in hacker attacks with the intention of interfering in the presidential election.

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