Counterintelligence of security Service of Ukraine exposed another provocation of the Russian special services to discredit the employees of the Ukrainian regulatory authorities during private visits to Russia in September, was illegally detained the inspector of one of divisions of the State customs service of Ukraine.

As has informed on Tuesday a press-the SBU center, it is established that representatives of the FSB detained Ukrainian customs while crossing the Ukrainian-Russian border at the checkpoint “Shebekino”, arguing that during the inspection of personal vehicles of the citizen of Ukraine in his Luggage was allegedly the dual-use goods.

The Ukrainian was placed in a temporary detention center for two days trying to persuade him to acknowledge the fact of committing crimes under part 1 of article 226.1 of the Criminal code (smuggling of potent, poisonous, explosive, radiation sources, nuclear materials, firearms, etc.).

In SBU noted that this provocative situation, the FSB had planned to use for an information campaign to “demonize” the representatives of Ukrainian structures. But due to the lack of any real evidence of illegal activities of the Ukrainian customs official was released from custody.

Upon returning to Ukraine he told SBU about the arrest of Russian intelligence services.

Counterintelligence SBU once again warns Ukrainian citizens from intentions of travelling to Russia or occupied territories. High risk and attention of the Russian special services soldiers, representatives of bodies of power and administration, law enforcement and regulatory agencies, members of ATO (OOS), activists and members of the national-Patriotic associations and movements.




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