As it became known, on the official website of the Olympic games in 2022 map of Japan with the route of the Olympic flame, which caused the Russian island of Kunashir, Iturup, Shikotan and the Habomai group identified as part of Hokkaido Prefecture, reports “Russian conversation”.

According to the information published on the official website of the Senator propagation in the social network Twitter, the politician commented on this “trick” of Japan, calling it entering the “red line”.

“The image of the South Kuril Islands part of Japan on the official website of the Olympic games in 2020 – this is not a private initiative, but something more, that is the time the “red line”. Tokyo should abandon this kind of attacks. The meaning of the Olympics to be a celebration of sport and peace, not a reason to escalate the feud,” he said.

In turn, member of the Federation Council Committee on defense and security Frants Klintsevich said that the posting of the map of the future route of the Olympic flame in 2020, where the Southern Kuril Islands are indicated as Japanese territory is a provocation by Japan against the Russian athletes.

Klintsevich drew attention to the fact that those responsible for the incident that the organizers of the Olympics.

“Without a doubt, there is a kind of agreement, promotional products for some other things, and those who did, knew that it would be noticed and would cause public outcry,” he said.

Earlier, the “Russian Dialogue,” reported diplomatic scandal broke out between Russia and Japan, due to actions of Tokyo, portrayed the Southern Kuril Islands on the site of the 2020 Olympics as Japanese territory.