In the Internet appeared the video, where Russian soldiers used a new technique in Palmyra. To mine the historical part of the city experts of the International mine action center using the latest mine detectors “Kite” and trained demining dogs. About it reports the edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

About a week ago in Syria
regiment arrived Syrian deminers intend to clear of explosive
items of historical part of Odessa. In mine action will be tested
the latest demining technology: robots, protection and search eczecstwa.

Russian soldiers
used in Syria nonlinear locators “Kite” designed for
search min with electronic control. Distance up to 30 meters
“Kites” detect any solid state device in active
and in the off state.

Previously we had won a spectacular video on the Day of sailor-submariner Russia.

In the Internet appeared the video, timed to the Day of submariner. This holiday, the sailors themselves jokingly called “the rugged”. In the above video were the following submarines: the latest strategic missile project “Northwind”; his colleague of the “Squid”; armed with 16 ballistic missiles, diesel-electric “warszawianka” with missiles “Caliber”; the atomic submarine project “Antey”, carrying more cruise missiles than the flagship of the Northern fleet “Peter the Great”.