Prices in the Russian coffee houses Starbucks was the highest in the world based on the comparison with the cost of other goods and incomes, they are one and a half times higher than in Indonesia, which ranks second, and almost five times more than in the US.

Research firm ValuePenguin has built the so-called “latte index” – his version of BicMac index calculated by the Economist magazine based on the price of the famous Burger McDonald’s restaurants in different countries. ValuePenguin took a standard price standard latte Starbucks also using Euromonitor International data on consumer prices and the world Bank on exchange rates.

According to the price list Starbucks latte size tall in Moscow costs 255 rubles, in other cities, in Russia the price is lower. But ValuePenguin says that this price is equivalent to $12,32 in the US, where over the same portion of coffee take just $2,75 – this is the minimum for all countries covered by the analytical company .

In addition to Russia and Indonesia, are too high for local market prices recorded ValuePenguin Starbucks in Vietnam ($8 and 18), Thailand ($8,04), India (us$7.99). Comparable to the US level observed in developed countries such as Australia ($2,86), UK (of$2.88) and Canada ($3,06).