The commander-in-chief of the Russian Ground forces Colonel-General Oleg Salyukov

© Mikhail Metzel/TASS

ALABINO /Moscow region/, July 30. /TASS/. Russian tanks ready to battle with their colleagues from NATO countries at the international games Army, said to journalists on Sunday a commander of the Land forces of Russia Oleg Salyukov.

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“Repeatedly talked about. We sent out invitations to 78 countries, including NATO countries. When people ask me about it, I joke: maybe they are not ready. But we are ready for fair competition,” – said Salyukov, responding to a question.

He expressed the opinion that the Russian military is unable to perform well in any discipline and show excellent training .

“But now, unfortunately, the situation is not particularly conducive. But we are ready, and the Minister talked about this, and we invite them”, – said the General.

At the same time, he noted, one of the main principles of Military games – a demonstration of combat skills at the competition in a friendly atmosphere.

New models of combat vehicles

New types of tanks, including T-90 and upgraded version of T-72B3, have the potential to participate in the “Tank biathlon,” said saliukov.

“Maybe the T-90 may be T-72B3, the improved model. Perhaps it would be more powerful engine and lightweight weight. I think that the T-72B3 in the future will be improved. He has a modernization potential is very large. He’s now about parity with the best analogues, and it will be even better,” – said Salyukov, answering the question about the prospects of changing the basic model of the tank for the competition.

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Now the competitions are mainly modifications of tanks T-72B3, which is sometimes called the “biathlon”. As explained Salyukov, when selecting equipment, take into account that most of the participants of “Tank biathlon” are on Russian combat machines, so they must be serial.

According to Slukova, the members have no problems with the development of technology.

“Of course, I say that our tanks are the best in the world. I just know it. But one thing that I can tell, and the other where countries send their children, and they these machines need to learn to shoot in two weeks, and if not a podium finish, but to perform well. And they do it,” said the General.

He added that the competition are the representatives of the industry who monitor all technical issues and their analysis and the resulting experience is taken into account when improving military vehicles.

Faster standard

Russian motorized infantry in preparation for a competition Army “Suvorov onslaught” learned to charge the ammunition for the gun infantry fighting vehicles and 11 times faster than the standard, said Salyukov.

“We have a BMP-2 with 30-mm cannon, the Chinese – its counterpart, but they are in the process of loading according to the standards given one minute, we have seven minutes. The Chinese wanted to include this time into the total time the adventures of the stage or concessions. Last year, when “Suvorov onslaught” were held in Russia, is not included this time in the result, and withdrew beyond to create equal conditions”, – said the commander in chief.

“We looked at it on the other hand, took action and began to train and now we loaded ammunition in 38 seconds,” – said Salyukov.

In General, according to him, several months prior to the competition countries have agreed on all the rules of judging.

“We have the Minister always sets the task to ensure maximum transparency of the refereeing. All decisions are taken collectively, and yet we have no claims”, – concluded the commander.