On Tuesday Syrian President Bashar al-Assad visited the base in Hamima hosting the aviation group of the Russian VCS, which takes part in operations on destruction of terrorists of “Islamic state” in Syria.

Writes LIGAnews, during the visit of the Syrian President on a military facility in the lens of the Russian fighting machine tank support BMPT-72, information on the transfer of which to Syria existed at the level of rumors, reports, “Russian conversation”.

BMPT-72 “Terminator-2” is made on the chassis of tank T-72. Thanks to powerful weapons, this machine is able to successfully confront the tanks, infantry fighting vehicles and other armored targets of the enemy.

Adopted by “Terminator 2” are two coaxial 30-mm automatic gun, a tank machine gun, caliber 7.62 mm, and the transport-launch containers with guided missiles, capable of hitting targets at a distance of 6 kilometers .

We will remind, during his visit to the airbase, the Syrian President visited the exhibition of weapons of the terrorists and saw itself in the role of the pilot of the su-35.

Experts believe that the visit of Assad in Hamim should be considered in the context of the statements of the us administration that Damascus is preparing another chemical attack.

ISIS – an organization banned in Russia.