The network got the pictures depicting military maneuvers by the Syrian army near HOMS. It should be noted that in the fighting was attended by Russian armored cars “Tiger-m” and the IVECO LMV M65 “Lynx”. About it reports the edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

On the published photos you can see that armored vehicles equipped with heavy
machine guns “Cord” from which leads a fire on the militants. And one
of “Lynx” installed an old machine gun DSHKM, adopted
The Soviet army in the 40-ies.

All-terrain vehicles GAZ-3308
Sadko involved with anti-aircraft installations ZU-23-2 and
armored car “the Shot”.

Earlier the NATO ships ventured to come nearer to the Russian frigate in the Baltic sea and was forced to retreat .

NATO ships of the Polish naval forces were in direct
close to the venue of the rocket firing, swam to Russian
military ship at a distance of fourteen kilometers, thereby committing
dangerous maneuver.

In connection with the next warship
Alliance “Admiral Makarov” was unable to continue shooting in the normal mode,
however, after warning the Russian crew of the Polish military vessel
made peace with the Russian presence, and was forced to sail on
safe distance.