Photo: Photo: CNN Police in Tunisia

The Russians went to a popular area of Ong Jemal.

The accident in Tunisia suffered five tourists from Russia, according to local radio Mosaicfm.

The incident occurred Tuesday morning on the road leading to Ong Jemal, near the town of Tozeur. The car in which there were Russians turned over.

According to the radio, all the victims were taken to the nearest hospital Hedi Haballah.

Ong Jemal – popular among foreign tourists in southern Tunisia. In the desert there are unusual Sandstone formations resembling the humps of a camel. Here was filmed the first film of the fantastic Saga Star wars.

As reported Корреспондент.netpreviously in Antalya, Turkey overturned minibus with tourists from Germany. In this accident three people were killed, about a dozen were injured, including one child .

In Russia, pensioner staged four accidents in 20 seconds