Any news funnier joke.

“In Russia started organised tours to Syria.”


Pure propaganda, which aims to show that in Syria everything is fine. Do “the rounds” supposedly two operators. Announced that over 50 people had a ride, paying for the extreme 100 thousand rubles.

What is there to see?

Dear guides, can you show me where mercenaries “Wagner’s” gouging? And as a wreath on the water to be carried to the place of recessed “Admiral Kuznetsov” fighter? Where to see the ruins of the cities, broken our pilots? And the front lucky? Ride in the tank? Exploration is possible with our to go? How much is the insurance?

And something the foreign Ministry is silent on how he recommends to Russians in Syria to drive or not. Probably, there is also so stunned by the news that even Zakharova lost the gift of speech.

Telegrams-channel “Sickle”