As waste is converted into fertilizer, what to do with a pack of juice, and the size of “garbage Islands” in the ocean, learned visitors to the Children’s forum in Lviv at the book launch from Wydawnictwa Old Leva and charity project Likebox.

The author of “Books about smittya” Galina Tkachuk and activist ZeroWasteLviv Irina Mironova held at the forum, two events dedicated to the publication of the book.

“The two formats of talk about the book we chose, showed two dimensions of interest to the garbage problem in young readers. Visitors first presentation thanks to Irina saw how to prepare a PET bottle to sort what items of daily consumption help us to create less waste and how composting worms turn food waste into fertilizer. This, so to speak, “out anti-rubbish routine” very interested in people regardless of age. The idea that you can do daily simple steps to save our planet – a very contagious,” says the author.

PHOTO: vydavnytstvo staroho Leva, Lviv

During the second interview, the audience was plunged into the discussion of important global issues, such as how to make a choice when buying certain things: how to decide how environmentally friendly it is, what considerations should be taken. Because in the end, the period of use of each thing once it will expire and the appeal of the book – not to clog the landfills with toxic junk that once was a daily thing. This conversation was conducted in the form of the contest “Our most and least eco-friendly things.” The whole scenario of this conversation can be read in the “Book of trash” in “What will become tomorrow’s trash?”.

“A year ago we held a workshop. During the month the students of Kiev discussed about environmental problems. This book is the result of discussions and an example of how seriously children are global problems of the mankind”, – said the initiator of the project Lacks, founder of IT company Lucky Labs Rustam Gilfanov.

In addition to Galina Tkachuk in authors of books about the garbage consists of eight of the Kiev teenagers who took part in the eco-workshop from Lacux – Karina Parkhomenko, Alexander Goma, Anna Berezovskaya, Sergey Kolyadich, Anastasia Sakhno, Anna Tereschuk, Nikita Subotovsky and Andrey Dobrovolsky. Illustrations for the book prepared by Anton Cellesi. Soon “the Book about the garbage”, like all other publications Laux, will be donated to the children’s library of Ukraine.

PHOTO: vydavnytstvo staroho Leva, Lviv