Mark Rutte


Mark Rutte of the expulsion of the Turkish Minister said the visit threatened the public safety.

The Dutch authorities decided to expel the Turkish Minister for family Affairs, Fatma Betul Saiyan Kai, as her visit threatened public order on the background of aggravation of Dutch-Turkish relations. This is stated in the statement of the Prime Minister of the Netherlands Mark Rutte, the text of which is posted on his page in Facebook.

“During the contacts with the Turkish authorities in the Netherlands repeatedly made clear that we should not jeopardize public order and security in our country. The private meeting in the Turkish Consulate or Embassy became impossible because of the threat of mass riots,” – said Rutte.

He recalled that, for security reasons, the Netherlands has not previously given permission for the landing of the Turkish foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu.

“To find a reasonable solution proved impossible . The verbal aggression of the Turkish authorities, which has been observed today, this is unacceptable,” – said the Prime Minister.

Rutte stressed that the visit of the Turkish Minister was an irresponsible decision in the context of recent events.

“Being in contact with the Turkish authorities, was again sent the message that her visit to the Netherlands is undesirable. The Netherlands does not welcome the fact that the Turkish Ministers are here political campaign. However, she decided to come,” the statement reads.

Rutte claims that on arrival in Rotterdam the Minister suggested different options to leave. The Consulate she was repeatedly asked to return.

“Prime Minister Rutte and Minister Koenders has held consultations, in which the Minister Kai sent out of the country through the border of Germany. The Netherlands remains committed to dialogue with Turkey. The government maintains contacts with the Dutch local authorities”, – reads the statement.

As reported, the Turkish delegation arrived in Rotterdam in the evening, but were unable to get into the Embassy because the police blocked approaches to it.

Journalist Robert Bass has posted video of the altercation between the Minister and police. As you know, the Vienna Convention prohibits States to block the passage of citizens to the Consulate of their state.

It is worth noting that the Minister Kai in any case could not speak at the rally at the Embassy, where she is headed, as before the police with dogs dispersed the protesters.

We will remind, on Saturday, the Netherlands has banned a Charter flight, the foreign Minister of Turkey, who intended to hold a propaganda meeting with Turks living in Rotterdam, on the eve of the constitutional referendum.

Earlier it was reported that Turkish President Erdogan has called the Dutch “fascists”.