Four participants of an organized criminal group, which in July 2014 has made the undermining of the bridge, it is reported about suspicion, the press service of the Prosecutor of Luhansk region

“According to the investigation, in early July 2014 a resident of the city of Lisichansk, being a member of an illegal armed formation of the Russian Federation – the so-called army “South-East” created and headed a stable criminal group. It included three inhabitants of Donetsk region. The group was aimed at the implementation of the mining and the undermining of critical infrastructure. In mid-July 2014 demolition laid explosives on the bridge between the villages Zolotarevka of the Popasnyansky region of the Luhansk region and verkhn’okam’yans’ke Bakhmut district, Donetsk region, passed over the railroad tracks. The crossing was mined through a shaft of TNT, detonators and mine exploder”, – stated in the message on the official website of the Prosecutor’s office in Luhansk region on Friday.

The activity of a criminal group was foiled on July 24 2014 after the liberation of settlements of the Luhansk region from illegal armed formations of the Russian Federation.

“Now one of the suspects a preventive measure in the form of detention with possibility of bail, and other members of the criminal group declared wanted,” – concluded the Prosecutor’s office.