The actress told how she refers to the fact that at 30 years old never been married and no kids.

About it reports “Russian conversation”.

Today one of the most scandalous celebrities of Russian show business celebrates its birthday. Samburski turned 30. The star chose to congratulate myself by posting about this new post on his official profile on Instagram.

It is worth Recalling that Nastassja many times reproached her for her levity. Some social network users stated that the girl by the age of 30 should be married and raise children. However, Samburski usually just laugh at such phrases and notes that she’s great live and solo.

Once again the actress was poironizirovat over those who reproached with tags about your dezamageste and infertility. It is seen that the Nastasya is not particularly concerned about the presence of the stamp in the passport and offspring .

Fans appreciated the humor Samburski. Many have joined in the congratulations and in the comments wrote many warm and sincere wishes for your favorite actress.

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