Alexander Samedov


Sports news: Midfielder team Russia Alexander Samedov commented on the upcoming start of the Russians on the home 2018 world Cup.

Midfielder team Russia Alexander Samedov told about the tasks of the national team at the start of the world Cup today.

“These tournaments are configured in a special way. Every day I try to work at the maximum. I already know what a world Cup what it the intensity. This is the highest level. Are prepared safely, because psychology is a very important factor. Although pressure is present. It’s a home world championship, us open tournament. The whole world will look at us.

We really do need to get out of the group. To win the first game, win second game. Not to wait for last. I’ve been to three major tournaments, and for us all the time everything was decided in the third match. Now all we need to do in order to not to bring this up . I won’t plan, is the 14th number is the opening match, a great event for all of us where we need to go out and win.

I am confident in my partners. Confident. We did a good job, well done. We do not sit and think: but if we fail… we know what We want, and go to this” — quoted by goalkeeper official website of FIFA.

Recall that at the world Cup group stage Russian national team will play with Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Uruguay.