Singer Yulia Samoylova still hopes that the Kiev authorities will change their decision and allow her to participate in the competition, not believing in the seriousness of intentions of the Ukrainian side.

Samoilov admitted that he does not understand, than annoy the Ukrainian authorities and the threat may present Ukraine, if you represent his country at the Eurovision song contest in Kiev, reports “Russian conversation”.

The singer said it continues to prepare for the song contest to the end will be hoping that the Ukrainian authorities to depart from the adopted decision on ban on entry.

“I, by and large, do not worry. I continue to do. Somehow, I think that will still change,” said Samoylova in the air “First channel”, she said .

As reported earlier, Russia intends to boycott the Ukrainian “Eurovision” after the decision of Kiev against Samoilova, and the Yulia delegate to the song contest next year if it takes another country.

Recall that the “Eurovision-2017” after the ban on entry to Ukraine for Yulia Samoilova will not be broadcast on Russian television.