On cooperation with the Korean giant during the exhibition announced Xbox and The New York Times.

On the First Look event, which recently took place in new York, the world’s leading manufacturer of TVs, Samsung Electronics has introduced a new range of flagship televisions QLED TV with an impressive design and smart features. To admire the new products from the Korean company came more than 800 visitors. During the presentation, the audience appreciated the new and enhanced features, guaranteeing a unrivaled viewing experience. In addition to the flagship QLED TV company showed the new line of audio-video (AV) devices.

President of Samsung Electronics Engi Khan along with other leaders of the company said that the new features simplify user access to content and allow you to spend more time on things that really people like.

“We are changing the idea of the TV with a new line 2018 release, stressed Enghi Khan . Device QLED TV is designed for total immersion in what is happening and get real pleasure from viewing to users all over the world. TV easy to set up, they give the best impressions from acquaintance with the content.”

The presentation QLED TV also joined, and representatives from Xbox and The New York Times that discussed the key benefits of the line TVs QLED TV 2018 for the end user.

Vice President of Xbox Mike Nichols on stage First Look has announced the creation of an ecosystem of gaming content thanks to the cooperation with Samsung.

Well as the partnership with the Korean giant said the President of The New York Times Company mark Thompson.

In addition to the presentation, visitors were able to assess special areas and exhibition installations, showing all the new features of the line of QLED TV in 2018:

● Area with screens large diagonal of 65 inches, which demonstrated the incredible image quality new Samsung TV QLED TV in 2018. The displays showed improved colour and contrast in different situations, including viewing sports, movies or playing games.
● Mode Ambient Mode, which changes the perception about the possibilities of new technologies in television QLED TV. Even when switched off, the device turns into advanced functional screen with the possibility of placing it on beautiful landscapes or your personal photos, Also Ambient Mode allows the TV to play background music or fully merge with the wall. Black / off screen will no longer contrasted with the interior of the user
● New 5 meter (included) or a 15-meter (available for purchase ) cable One Invisible Connection, which for the first time in the industry integrates power cables and data transmission in a single solution. Cable enables users to place the TV anywhere without an excess of wires on the floor and walls.
● Quick and easy setup platform Samsung Smart TV by 2018, which is performed with the application SmartThings for the most common device users — smartphone. In addition, SmartThings integrates the functions control your TV, streaming content from your mobile device to TV and interaction with other smart Samsung devices.

The range of QLED TV in 2018 will be available from may in Ukraine.

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Press relizami introduced a new QLED TVs 2018 in new York

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