A missile strike by United States forces in Syria has condemned Russian President Vladimir Putin and permanent members of the security Council.

Such information released by the presidential press Secretary Dmitry Peskov, reports “Russian conversation”.

According to him, within the meeting, the participants again described the Washington as an act of aggression contrary to international law.

“The meeting expressed deep concern about the inevitable negative consequences of such aggressive actions for common efforts in the fight against terrorism,” – said Peskov.

Each of the participants of the meeting voiced regret on the background of the resulting damage after the treacherous attack of the American Armed forces. In particular, in the first place it was about the destructive impact on relations between Moscow and Washington .

Recall that a missile attack occurred in the direction of the military bases of the armed forces SAR in the night of Friday, April 7. The U.S. army has released 59 missiles “Tomahawk”. The order to launch was given in person by the President of the United States Donald trump.

Previously, “Russian Dialogue” conveyed that the shells are destroyed in the territory of the air base hangar, where they were able to repair six aircraft. The attack did not affect the runway and other units of military aviation. At least four people were killed and two more listed as missing. Several people were injured as a result of the outbreak of fires.