Torn by political storms Georgia in advance
warned the representative of the Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova, but it is
not listened. Now, when the tourist ship Georgia was left without cabins and
ladder, and the last passengers to leave the Board a little more than two weeks for
the authorities in the form of “crew” emerges only perspective suhpayka
instead of culinary abundance, which was prepared for tourists.

Vladimir Putin had his say and made
your stroke of the pen – now in Georgia there’s only one way to stop
the flow of offensive metaphors, which Express not only in Russia but in the whole
Europe (the effort of Zurabishvili in vain: the ambassadors to convince you, and frightened tourists
– unreal). You need to fulfill two conditions, which the press Secretary of the President
Dmitry Peskov told “RBC”,
reports “Russian conversation”.

The first condition is the normalization of the situation, the second
the disappearance of the threat to Russians in Georgia. Then and only then can the lifting of the ban
on flights.

The condition of the lifting
the ban on flights of Russian airlines to Georgia is the normalization
the situation in the country. About it RBC have informed the press-Secretary of the President of Russia
Dmitry Peskov.