Kirill Svyatenko

© Press-service of the Department of civil defence, emergency situations and fire safety of Moscow

MOSCOW, December 22. /TASS/. Sanitary aviation of the Moscow aviation centre (MATS) is ready to fulfil its task of ensuring security during the world football championship in 2018. This was announced by Director MATZ, Kirill Svyatenko.

“Next year the world Cup can be found here our crews are ready to provide security for the vote. In the fourth quarter of this year has examined possible landing sites for medevac choppers MATS on the objects involved in the championship”, – he told reporters at a press conference on December 27, celebrate the Day of the rescuer.

Only in 2017 sanitary aviation of Moscow flew to 875 applications of the center of emergency medical care. “Basically it was a call for an accident and people with cardiovascular diseases,” – said Svyatenko. Fires helicopters MATS were dropped over 600 tons of water .

Daily are on duty five helicopters MATS. This year they were involved in extinguishing such fires, as the fire in the shopping center “Rio”, shopping center “grad” and a night fire at warehouses in Northern Medvedkovo.

Fire chief-rescue of Central Moscow Evgeny Savitsky said that units of the centre will also be brought to obsecenity security during the 2018 world Cup, presidential elections and elections of the mayor of Moscow. According to Savitsky, in 2017, the rescue centre was saved at 312.