Experts said,
in the above case we are talking about the monster with direct
the resemblance to the Loch ness monster. According to an eyewitness of the incident, while relaxing
with his family he saw in the lake a creature with a huge neck. About it reports the edition Rossiiskii

First known application demonstrated the famous Loch ness monster.

To big
fortunately, not losing composure, the young man began to shoot on video
smartphone. Witnesses of the incident were made by the sister of Matthew, who at the moment
the meeting was accompanied by a brother on a walk.

To see such a
an outstanding phenomenon of the relatives was able during a short halt by the river
Bow. During communication between Americans suddenly emerged from the water, massive
the establishment, which very quickly disappeared into the waters of the river.

Internet users agreed that the family actually managed
behold the monster, legends of which date back to the VI century ad. The Scottish common information
say that the giant has a small head and long neck.

Previously, scientists thought how to unravel the mysteries of the Loch ness giant. Recall that during the big wave on the river the girl spotted the Loch ness monster.