A conservative group has launched such an unusual campaign in response to the initiated in Spain events, informing about the features of transgender people.

Bright orange bus
embellished transfersin logo, goes past the schools in Madrid this week.

These trips take place in the framework of
campaign public group Hazte Oir (“Make
listen”), which is opposed to the organization of the Chrysallis that support
children of transgender people.

“Boys have penises, girls
of the vulva. Don’t let them to fool yourself. If you’re born male, you’re male.
If you’re a woman, the woman will continue”, – reads the inscription on the wall

Group Hazte Oir intends
send a bus and in other Spanish cities, including Barcelona, Valencia and
Pamplona. Activists say that they are the bus “does not intend anyone
to offend” .

“The goal of the campaign
is to condemn the imposition of gender ideology, which
violates the freedom of education and the fundamental right of parents to educate
their children”, – they say.

Spanish citizens are strongly
opposed the bus. The petition for “immediate withdrawal” of the vehicle
funds for Change.org has gained more than 100,000 signatures. Bus widely
discuss in social networks.

We have previously reported that in Barcelona opened a unique public house. And last week it became known that in Spain 64-year-old woman gave birth to twins.

According to SBS – translation
edition of “Russian conversation”