Employees of the security Service of Ukraine raided the searches by activists of the Hungarian community of Transcarpathia and arrested the head of the regional Council of Yosef Bus and the Deputy of regional Council Otto Your.

The reason for the detention lies in the fact that Ukrainian law enforcers suspect the Hungarians in Ukrainian “separatism”, reports “Russian conversation”.

Earlier deputies of Beregovo district Council appealed to the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko with the requirement of transition to contractual relations with the Central government.

In addition, Hungarian activists are asked to defend their right to speak their native language.

Such initiatives in Kiev torpedoed: the adviser to the interior Minister of Ukraine Ilya Kiva the desire of the Ukrainian Hungarians a kind of autonomy called “work on the division of Ukraine .”

In his opinion, hanging on the streets signs with the Hungarian name “is not normal”. Kiva also believes that at the present time, all non-national symbolism is anti-Ukrainian.

Not left side and Ukrainian nationalists: the leader of the OUN (organization banned in the Russian Federation) Nikolay Kohanivsky bluntly asked everyone to speak Hungarian language to move to Hungary.

Previously, “Russian Dialogue” reported that the Gagauz are denied information about plans to claim autonomy from Poroshenko in Odessa region.