Representatives of the Russian special services recruited a resident of Khmelnytsky to commit a terrorist act on the territory of Ukraine, the security Service of Ukraine.

“Militiamen established that to carry out sabotage tasks recruited a person must obtain in bulk explosives sent to the representatives of the Russian special services, which are located in the unrecognized Dnestr Moldavian Republic. Investigators of SB of Ukraine detained the courier at the Odessa bus station after receiving the package and seized the explosive device, equivalent to 600 grams of TNT”, – reports a press-the SBU center on Thursday.

In the framework of the open earlier criminal proceedings employees of special services has documented that the representative of the FSB in January this year was recruited by a resident of Khmelnytsky across the page in one of Russian social networks. “Because of ideological reasons she agreed to cooperate with the Russian intelligence services,” the report says .

According to counterintelligence security service of Ukraine, the curator of the recruited resident of Khmelnitsky is now in the temporarily occupied Lugansk, where he held “a high position in the so-called “Ministry of state security of LPR”.