Military counterintelligence of the security Service of Ukraine in 2019 revealed the penetration of 17 agents and spies of foreign States, as well as localized 67 attempts of taking possession of military secrets, the press center of the SBU.

“Investigators regularly oppose the penetration of the agent into the Armed forces and with foreign intelligence services. Since the beginning of this year, the Service recorded 67 of the facts of the directions of representatives of 14 foreign States to information with limited access; expelled, 21 foreigner; thwarted the criminal activities of 17 intelligence agents of foreign countries, among them current and former soldiers of the armed forces of Ukraine”, – is told in the message.

So, in 2019 according to the materials of the military counterintelligence had begun 538 criminal proceedings. Among them, for crimes against foundations of national and public security, 192; in the sphere of protection of state secrets and official information – 9; the sphere of office activity and for corruption – 128; the sphere of economic activity – 96.

It is noted that since the beginning of the year it is reported about suspicion of 119 persons, and the court directed more than 100 productions. So, was sentenced 43 people, including 2 – for treason, 16 for terrorism.

“In addition, during the year revealed 115 participants of the illegal armed groups of Pro-Russian terrorists and their accomplices. To various terms of imprisonment sentenced to 12 militants,” – said the Agency.

Also under the protection of the military and economic potential military counterintelligence of the SBU warned damage to the state 17 billion UAH.