The security service of Ukraine made the decision on introduction of sanctions against European politicians who visited the Crimea in celebration of the third anniversary of the referendum on joining the Peninsula to Russia.

According to “Russian conversation” about it on his
page in Facebook wrote
a press-the Secretary of SBU Elena Gitlyanskaya.

She said,
on the territory of Crimea are
policy of the European countries: four
Serbian citizens and one citizen of the Czech Republic.
In light of this, it was decided
to introduce restrictive measures against
them — to deny them entry to the territory
Of Ukraine for the period of five years.

It should also
note that, according to
Galanski, at the moment
evidence that the composition of
the delegation visited the Crimea, was
Ukrainian politics .

Previously, “Russian
Dialogue” reported that in the Crimea on 19 March, arrived, a group of European and Ukrainian politicians. They will stay on the Peninsula
three days. The Ukrainian authorities immediately said,
they intend to impose sanctions against
those who visited the Peninsula.

In the state Duma said
not going to name names of Ukrainian politicians, visited the Crimea.