A victim of the undermining of the automotive vehicle, happened on Wednesday, June 28 on the territory of Donetsk region, became Colonel of the SBU Yuriy voznyi.

Relevant information stated by the representative of the SBU, reports “Russian conversation”.

At least three other people received diverse injuries as a result of the incident that took place in the Konstantinovsky district of the region.

“The preliminary version of cause of death (Colonel) – the undermining of the car. Another three people are in hospital with wounds of varying severity”, -says the press service.

The investigation of the incident handed over to representatives of the Ukrainian military Prosecutor’s office, said the SBU.

Previously, “Russian conversation” was told that the car was a group of employees of the counterintelligence Department of the Ukrainian security services . It was reported the death of at least one employee of power Department and called the number in four victims.