The security service of Ukraine jointly with the State customs service carried out the first Commission on inspection of the goods in the online form: a request was sent for the inspection of the party of consumer goods and of electrical engineering at the Odessa customs.

“The process of sending orders is through the online form with transparent and clear algorithm of actions. Law enforcement officers make all the information in a special electronic form, which enters the Central apparatus of customs and Central entered into the software complex. It provides automated triggered risky supplies”, – informs on Tuesday morning a press-the SB center of Ukraine.

In the secret service explained that previously, “orientation” about carrying out of customs inspection went Service and other law enforcement agencies to a particular customs station in paper form. This led to the fact that at the level of the Central apparatus of customs and law enforcement bodies it was impossible to track the number and impact of such “requests”. This procedure increased the number of abuses in the field. The launch of a centralized dispatch through the electronic system orders to minimize these phenomena.

“This innovation is a clear illustration of the changes that are already taking place in the country. It’s not just about a new way of sending orders and on building a new system, where with each step, set clear and transparent rules. System which allows you to be proactive – not to deal with the consequences, but to counteract corruption at the start. And it is critical that our two agencies have a common understanding of and engagement in all processes,” – said the head of the SBU Ivan Bakanov.

“We translate all the work into electronic form and minimize the human factor. Especially in matters of checks from police officers at customs checkpoints. Because paper order untraceable and they could get “lost” in customs. Now we will concentrate all this information in one place and will monitor the process of inspections,” – commented on the launch of the first online orders of the head of the state customs service Maxim nefodov.

The project has started in accordance with the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of October 2, 2019 No. 861 “On the implementation of the pilot project for the centralized dispatch law enforcement in electronic format instructions on carrying out customs examination (re-examination) of goods, vehicles of commercial purpose”.