Despite possible changes in the structure of the SBU, the national intelligence service will continue to fight corruption as long as this phenomenon is one of the main threats to the national security of Ukraine. On Friday 4 October in the air of radio “Voice of capital” said the expert on public security issues Yaroslav antoniak.

“A corrupt official, regardless of whether he agreed to the illegal receipt of benefits for the actions or decisions which can be harmful to the national interest or just ready to take this step, represents a threat to national security of Ukraine,” said antoniak.

The expert said that the decision of whether corruption is a threat to national security, and, therefore, will confront national intelligence Agency, will be determined on the basis of risk analysis and strategic planning that will be displayed in the national security Strategy of Ukraine, developed on behalf of the President of Ukraine within six months after his accession to the post.

“If this strategy will be determined, for example, that the top corruption is at this stage a threat to national security, then the secret service will deal with it. If it is decided that there is no such threat, then the secret service is eliminated from this,” – he stressed.

Antoniak noted the existence within the security service powerful operational core, which professionally carries out its work on the identification and fixing of corruption.

“It’s laborious and hard work. Definitely for the SBU would be left with the function of combating transnational crime. That is crime that exists everywhere and causes damage not only to Ukraine’s national interests, but security on a global scale,” he said.