Hasraton Dodohonov

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MOSCOW, August 9. /TASS/. Russia’s investigative Committee has charged in a criminal case about the shooting in the Moscow regional court in August 2017 with the defendants in the criminal case of the “gang of GTA” to one of the defendants, as well as four police officers responsible for the escort.

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“They killed indiscriminately”: the case of the gang GTA

As reported TASS, the official representative SK the Russian Federation Svetlana Petrenko, a “completed investigation of criminal cases instituted in connection with the escape from custody of members of the so-called gang GTA and assault on law enforcement officers in the Moscow regional court”.

Party gang Hasraton Dodohonov are charged with theft of arms and ammunition, escape from custody and the encroachment on life of law enforcement officers. In addition, the charge of negligence brought against the commander of the separate company of protection and escort of suspects and accused GU MVD of Moscow region, Deputy platoon commander and two senior police escort.

At present, the accused and their defenders get acquainted with criminal case materials.

The prosecution police

“As believes a consequence, the defendants in violation of the regulations did not provide adequate protection for defendants, as well as measures sufficient to prevent their escape from custody,” – said Petrenko. According to the UK, the company commander decided to use improper means of limiting the mobility of the transport – chain with five metal bracelets, which was not involved in the armed units of the convoy and did not meet the necessary requirements (one hand of each transport was empty).

“The commander and his Deputy also did not consider the category of escorted persons, the possible nature of their actions, did not follow proper usage convoys of technical means, not exercised control over the organization and performance of duty, – said the representative of the UK. – Given the propensity of the accused for violence, escape, attack guards, they had to make a decision on the appointment reinforced the convoy proper protection, however, this has not been done”.

In turn, the guards themselves are also not reported to the user about the shortcomings of service. As believes a consequence, they violated the requirements of normative acts, according to which one must be escorted at least two police officers, and escorted the five defendants together.

As found by the SC, five of the defendants in the “gang GTA” examined the escort and the number of employees of the convoy. “They knew that to protect four or five of the defendants are often involved only two escorts. With this in mind, they agreed to undertake a joint escape from custody in the courthouse,” said Petrenko.

1 August 2017 five defendants attacked in the Elevator at the courthouse on two guards, threw them on the floor, seized weapons and tried to flee, firing from were in the court employees of Regardie. The result was the officer of Regardie, three of the attackers were eliminated and two wounded, one of them later died in hospital. The guards in the Elevator for some time, arrested the attackers, members of the convoy had to call in riot police, who disarmed the attackers.

The case of the “gang GTA”

The members of the gang accused of a series of murders of drivers on the roads of Moscow, Moscow region and Kaluga region in 2012-2014. Trial on charges in the killings of 17 people in two attacks as well as banditry, robbery, illegal manufacture and possession of weapons and theft of documents first appeared nine people, the natives of Asia, but four of them died while trying to escape. The remaining defendants will be sentenced.

The name “gang of GTA” has received in the name of the video game series Grand Theft Auto (GTA), where the gameplay is often accompanied by murders and robberies of drivers. Most of the bandits managed to hold in November 2014, and one of the alleged leaders of Ibadulla of Subhonov offered armed resistance during the arrest and was liquidated by the special forces.

SK continues the investigation against five members of the gang, who disappeared and was declared internationally wanted. Two of them were detained in Tajikistan, which will be sent materials for their prosecution.