The teacher was enthusiastic about the methods, obviously, has nothing to do with the upbringing of the younger generation.

According to “Russian conversation”, social media users were puzzled after seeing the pictures that the teacher of the kindergarten post on his page in Instagram and Vkontakte.

Shocked, the townspeople managed to save the photos showing the abuse of the teacher with children.

One of the pictures where a little boy is punished with the taped mouth, the woman signed “For nefig to withdraw Alexander V. myself.”

According to users of social networks from Angarsk, a cruel teacher works in a kindergarten №71.

After the incident, public outcry page educator in Instagram was removed, and the scandalous disappeared from her profile “Vkontakte”.

At the moment, information about interested in whether the actions of women of the relevant Department, yet . Unknown reaction to what happened in the scandal by the management of the preschool.