Opposition lawmaker staged a performance during the speech of Prime Minister of Hungary.

Speech of the Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban in Parliament on 21 October foiled opposition MP ákos Hadasi.

It is reported “European true” with reference to the 444.

Hadasi came to the podium Orban with two tablets in hand, on which was written “He would be lying, because stolen too much” and “Stop the propaganda, stop the corruption.”

First Orban himself tried to wrest the plates from the hands, but could not. Then Hadasi was surrounded by deputies of the party of Orban, Fidesz, and in the end force selected them.

Hadasi said Tuesday that the lawsuit against one of his colleagues in Parliament, who allegedly hit him.

“I was wrong, but more importantly, it was an act. My hand was squeezed and pulled, and Szilard Nemeth hit me. It was illegal. I think I’ll sue,” he said.