Photo: Women in the U.S. Navy

Leaked images may lead to a criminal case.

U.S. Department of defense and investigation Department of the us Navy are investigating reports you publish on the Internet photographs of naked soldiers, writes Marine Corps Times.

Visit Marines United Facebook there were pictures of women in military service who are posing with other unidentified persons.

The public in Facebook naschityvaet about 30 thousand subs cribers, among them the acting Marines, the staff of the U.S. Navy, retired, military medics and members of the Royal Marines of great Britain.

At the moment, the pictures from this page was already removed.

The corps commander U.S. marine corps General Robert Neller declined to comment on the investigation, but condemned the actions of subordinates.

As stated by the representative of the U.S. Navy captain Ryan Alvis publication of Nude images of employees can be regarded as a violation of the Uniform code of military justice and can result in criminal liability.

The representative of the marine Corps told Fox News that at least one person lost his job for distributing links to photos.

Recall high-tech U.S. Navy destroyer Zumwalt type broke down during the passage through the Panama canal. Thus, it is known that before Capitani Zumwalt was faulty.