Director of communications at the White house Anthony of Scaramucci


NEW YORK, July 27. /TASS/. The US President Donald trump may veto a bill imposing more sanctions against Russia, Iran and North Korea. This option is aimed at the tightening of sanctions pressure on Moscow, admitted on Thursday broadcast of CNN’s new communications Director of the White house, Anthony’s Scaramucci.

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“He [trump] may decide to veto sanctions (the draft law on sanctions – approx. TASS), and may sign the [draft law on sanctions] in the exact form that we have. He can veto sanctions [sanctions bill], and discuss even more a tough deal against the Russians,” said Scaramucci.

He explained that, in his opinion, trump refers to a category of people who in response to the strike, “always give back .” As noted by Scaramucci, unlike the establishment in Washington and the Democrats, “the common people [for example] in Ohio this behavior is like and are impressed by”. “The establishment didn’t like that he [the U.S. President] is doing, and he [trump] is going to thwart his plans and intentions,” warned Scaramucci, stating that “has the support of the President of the United States one hundred percent.”

A bill providing for tougher sanctions against Russia, Iran and North Korea, on Tuesday was approved by the House of representatives. It now must consider the Senate. As expected, the upper house of the U.S. Congress this document will approve. Then it must be signed by trump.