After a recent scientific conference in Washington, researchers began to unravel the genomes of all creatures on earth. The cost of the ambitious project, estimated at about seven billion U.S. dollars. In the framework of the scientific project, scientists are able to sekvestirovat DNA 9 thousand families, and further their plans to create a database in which to present every kind. About it writes the edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

Such developments
will allow you to decipher the DNA of more than 1.5 million of eukaryotes that inhabit the planet
Earth. For such enterprises it is necessary only 10 years old.

The project is compared with
program Human Genome Project was initiated almost three decades ago. This
the project has led to the decoding of human DNA, which served as a huge impetus in
the development of genetics .

Earlier in the scientific world have deciphered the genome of a plant that can resist a nuclear explosion.

Ginkgo unique
that is the only one in their group of seed plants that does not
has like relatives and genetic offshoots. The flowering of these plants occurred in the era
the dinosaurs began in the Permian, but now these trees have survived
only in the East of China.