Scientists are exploring the complications of COVID-19

Some patients say that once infected with coronavirus cease to feel the smells and tastes.

About 500 scientists from 38 countries examined, the complications of coronavirus disease in which patients lose their sense of taste and smell. It is reported by the national center for scientific research of France (CNRS), said on Tuesday, February 14, UKRINFORM.

“Many patients with COVID-19 suffered a loss of senses of taste (ageusia) and/or sense of smell (anosmia). More than 500 researchers from 38 countries joined the Global consortium chemosensory research (GCCR) with the purpose of studying this phenomenon,” said CNRS.

France was attracted to the international project scientific laboratory facilities and equipment.

Participants in the study carried out an international survey on more than 20 languages current patients, or people who are already ill COVID-19. The scientists aimed to assess and find the cause of the impact of the disease on the sense of taste and smell, depending on age and other circumstances and conditions.

Data will be collected anonymously and will be protected.

Previously infected with coronavirus MP Anna Skorokhod said that he had ceased to feel any odors.

It was also reported that scientists have discovered how the cov is protected from the immune system.

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