Eating eggs helps reduce the risk of premature death

Scientists have found that eating one egg a day significantly reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and premature death.

Use at least one egg a day reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. To such conclusion scientists of the Chinese, reports ScienceDaily.

The study involved 416 of thousands of Chinese people aged 30-79 years. For four years the volunteers told me how often eat eggs, and doctors monitored their health.

In nine years of observation physicians registered 83977 cases of cardiovascular diseases, of which 9985 ended in death.

The results of the analysis showed that those who consumed at least five eggs a week, 28% less likely to die from hemorrhagic stroke and 18% from cardiovascular disease compared to those who ate no more than two eggs a week.

In addition, fans of eggs on 12% less likely to suffer coronary heart disease .