Photo: University of Virginia Even one workout increases the level of protection of the body

Even one session of cardio training increases the production of antioxidant for the prevention of ARDS.

Regular exercise can reduce the risk of developing acute respiratory distress syndrome in patients with COVID-19, said the scientist Zheng Yang from the University of Virginia, USA. Its conclusions the expert has published in the University News Room.

The publication writes that the complication of ARDS is the main cause of death from new coronavirus and affects 2-17% of patients with a diagnosis of COVID-19. Mortality from ARDS remains at approximately 40%, even on the background of artificial lung ventilation.

Studying the influence of the virus on the body, Zheng Yan took into account the fact that the majority of patients with COVID-19 show only slight signs of virus or even have no symptoms. The scientist decided to explore this feature.

“In my research I concentrated on the antioxidant enzyme EcSOD, which protects healthy tissue, attacking free radicals”, – said the scientist.

In the process, it became clear that EcSOD produce muscle man with cardio that helps through the bloodstream to provide the body’s vital organs with the necessary protection, explained Yang.

“Reducing the level of EcSOD observed in acute diseases of the lungs, ischemic heart disease, renal failure, osteoarthritis and other diseases. From preclinical experiments it is known that EcSOD lock causing problems with the heart, and the increasing concentration, on the contrary, has a positive effect,” the scientist said.

Yang believes that EcSOD may be an effective treatment for ARDS and many other diseases. In the future, it is possible to produce appropriate drugs for those who can’t play sports. Others, he calls not to postpone the workout and increase the body’s defense now.

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