Video games


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People who play may be more psychotic, irritated and aggressive.

Scientists believe that excessive video games can have harmful effects. According to psychologists, they can cause aggressiveness, lack of empathy and increased irritability. As a result, a person will show antisocial behavior.

To prove their assumptions, scientists had conducted an experiment. To participate in it, they drew men as interested in video games, and not interested in them. For the experiment, the specialists have prepared a special MRI machine that is able to capture the status of participants when participate in the game. He showed that in certain areas of the brain active gamers has increased neural activity. Then psychologists and nominated by their hypothesis. Now scientists hope to understand, with which it is associated.

Physicians are also encouraged not to give excessive time for video games . However, it is stated by the specialists, despite all the dangers, the number of gamers who are crazy about video games is constantly increasing.